Introducing the Barry Morris Consulting Group

It is with great pleasure that I announce the formation of the Barry Morris Consulting Group.  BMCG will draw on extensive operational, executive, and consulting experience to help clients develop their full potential as leaders, build team and organization capability, and achieve sustainable results through people; their most important assets.  We deliver leadership, team and organization development strategies to a diverse group of clients/industries including healthcare, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, financial services, not for profit social service organizations and communities. 

BMCG designs development processes and structures that lead to desired and sustainable results.  It is committed to building an organization's capability to achieve strategic results, manage change, execute plans, create sustainable high-performance environments, and effectively manage critical decisions and activities that accelerate the achievement of desired results.

At BMCG, Barry Morris and his associates are committed to the following:

  • Thinking and acting strategically
  • Focusing on possibilities
  • Achieving sustainable results through people; leveraging their gifts
  • Meeting the leader and client organization where it is and facilitating the management of change and development
  • Providing customized solutions that are equal to the challenge
  • Telling the truth and delighting in the discussion and creativity that follow
  • Collecting and utilizing data to enhance learning and build commitment to and ownership of the solutions chosen; action research
  • Leaving employees feeling that the work has been done with them rather than to them
  • Focusing on possibilities