Executive and Leadership Development

Leading organizations requires one to work as a member of a team and as a leader of teams. Rarely can a leader have the luxury to work in a silo. The pace of change, the extensive amount of information that must be processed, and complexity in our work environments demands a great deal of leaders.  Leadership success is based on ones ability to have their words and actions be congruent; to live the organizations values and drive strategy consistent with their peers and superiors; and to continuously focus over time on the things that matter most; providing clear direction and creating an organizational culture in which people are highly energized and engaged. Our challenge is to develop leaders who are capable of congruence, consistency and continuity.  These competencies are not easily developed along ones career path and are often not the focus of selection processes. As a result an organizations success is dependent on individual and programmatic development of current and future leaders.  Solutions we provide include:

Assessment And Development Planning

Systemically, BMCG will assess an organizations needs and the quality and effectiveness of existing talent development programs and practices.  We will partner with clients to design improvements that ensure a strong bench of leadership talent.  For individuals, BMCG partners with HR leaders and executives to provide in-depth qualitative 360 review processes for leaders and executives.  Our process leads to profound learning for the individual and a strong commitment to development between the individual, his/her boss, and others with a stake in the development results.


BMCG coaching focuses on understanding the context for coaching (strategy, structure, culture), ensuring accountability for improvement, building a trusting relationship, establishing clear learning objectives, applying decades of leadership and executive experience and continually helping the individual find answers to his/her questions.

Competency modeling

In consideration of the environment in which you work, BMCG will help you define the competencies, traits and behaviors of employees that will help you achieve the cultural and strategic outcomes you desire.  We will work closely with HR to implement a new model through effective change management and by embedding these competencies into HR systems and practices, including talent acquisition, performance management, training and development, and onboarding/orientation.

succession planning and Development

BMCG will help assess your leadership risk (gaps) and will develop and facilitate development meetings that ensure a strong bench of leadership talent and commitment of leadership teams to the creative development of talent across the enterprise

talent review And selection

With knowledge of your organization we bring exceptional experience and the ability to help you assess and select the internal and external leadership talent that best meets your needs

customized leadership development programs

BMCG designs leadership development solutions to facilitate the achievement of strategic goals.  Timely leadership development experiences will accelerate the development of critical skills, reduce your risk, communicate the values and competencies that are important to the organization, and facilitate the engagement of all employees in the achievement of results.  We can design comprehensive programs from scratch, redesign existing programs for greater impact, provide specific in depth experiences that address a particular need, integrate education technology, and facilitate creative development opportunities for high potentials.

leadership onboarding And transition management

BMCG can help leaders efficiently and effectively establish relationships and cohesiveness with their employees by facilitating a comprehensive integration session that will speed up and improve the quality of conversations needed to move past transition and into aligned action