Why Contact BMCG?

BMCG serves the needs of a diverse group of clients representing businesses, social service organizations, and communities. It is a reflection of Barry Morris' background in organization development and social work and his desire to optimize his capabilities and time in the service of for-profit organizations that recognize the importance of people in achieving results, and not-for-profit organizations committed to serving the developmental needs of people and communities.

An organization's purpose (products, people, community) does not define the consulting work being sought. That is more a function of the developmental needs of the organization. Organizations contact BMCG to:

  • Ensure the leadership and management talent exists to drive and sustain high performance

  • Build strong effective teams focused on the success of their work or enterprise

  • Re-design organizations, structures, and jobs

  • Facilitate transitions; generational, cultural, business model

  • Design and implement talent management systems and structures including talent acquisition, diversity and inclusion, onboarding, development, succession

  • Effectively design and manage change; culture, strategy, structure, roles and responsibilities

  • Develop HR strategy and structure to support business strategy

  • Facilitate strategic thinking and planning

  • Manage and facilitate change

  • Improve processes and performance

  • Develop a culture in which employees choose to be engaged; responsible, accountable and committed

  • Develop Board capability