Barry has an in-depth understanding of the challenges and opportunities within the highly fragmented and siloed world of health care. He can easily work with physicians, nurses, allied health professionals, and administrators, leveraging their individual and group expertise to drive execution and improvement. He is a skilled facilitator and knows how to help leaders in health care develop to their full potential. His leadership on a major system-wide transformational change initiative was instrumental in helping our hospital move to a new, highly innovative model of health care leadership.”
— Derek Wheeler MD - Chief of Staff, Cincinnati Children’s

We recently went through a leadership transition in our department. The transition included a change to a co-leadership model and the design and implementation of cultural and structural changes. Barry Morris stepped in as our coach through this transition; helping us develop an overarching plan and then facilitating improvements over time. He was especially helpful in the “closed door” discussions as we learned to work as co-leaders and manage bumps in the road.
Barry’s coaching played an invaluable role during this crucial transition period and with his help we learned from each mistake and helped our department become even more effectives.”
— Steve Meuthing MD & Peter Margolis PhD - Co-Leaders, the Anderson Center, Cincinnati Children’s

Barry is an extremely intelligent yet down-to-earth Human Resources professional who has the ability to quickly and clearly assess an organization and its developmental needs. He is a Champion of Organizational Development at the highest level and proficient at assisting Public, Private and Non-profit organizations.
Barry’s consultative skills give his clients cause to regard him as a key partner in their company’s growth and development.”
— Mark Seaholts - CEO, Executech, Inc

Barry has an incisive intelligence and is focussed on results. He has a deep understanding of organizations, the business case for change and the way forward in making that change happen. He is an excellent manager and executive, always making sure that people are aligned with the mission and feel appreciated for their contribution”
— John Goldberg - State of California