Organization Development

Change is a constant and as a result organizations are in a continual state of development.  At BMCG we support an organization’s development by helping to leverage and harness an organizations energy into well defined processes that enable thorough analysis, openness to change, focus, commitment, accountability, and a culture of teamwork.  Our approach is based on a set of foundational principles that inform our work and the design of the change processes that help organizations achieve results.  Data collection and feedback, the belief that diverse opinions of employees add value, continuous reflection and learning,  and understanding that the relationship between people and structure/systems must be jointly optimized are the underlying principles that drive our work and lead to success.  Our portfolio of solutions include:

Organization And Culture Assessment

Asking great questions, listening, surveying, facilitating focus groups, reviewing existing data, etc., are familiar assessment methods that are important for BMCG to effectively support an organization, team or individual’s development.   The most critical part of the assessment process however is action research – the process of collaborative data collection followed by discussion, validation, and learning, followed by more data collection and so on. For BMCG it is important for both the client and the consultant to have a common understanding of the current situation and the desired outcome, and together we will find the best solution.

Strategic Thinking And Planning

A great strategic plan is only as good as the commitment of “owners” to the strategy, and their ability to execute the plan.  BMCG designs and facilitates strategic planning processes that enable direct and representative participation of people responsible for executing a plan.  We will help you develop a vision (why you exist) a mission (what you do), strategic goals and operating plans that delineate the results you want to achieve, the customers you need to serve, the processes you need to implement and the organizational capabilities required to drive it all. 

Organization Re-design

An organizational chart and job descriptions (generated from a file of similar jobs in other areas) are more often than not the product of one or two people defining how people will report and what they will do to achieve desired results.  In our experience this process gets people in boxes but does not allow time to innovate, build ownership and commitment, understand critical formal and informal processes, or build relationships and teamwork that make a difference.  BMCG starts with a belief that employees are adults who prefer to be engaged in defining their future, and are capable of putting the organizations needs first. Based on these principles, BMCG redesigns organizations by involving those affected by the potential change, thinking strategically, producing alternative innovative designs, and designing work so employees experience meaningfulness (utilize their gifts and understand their significance), are responsible (held accountable), and have knowledge of results (continual feedback from others or from the work itself).

Team Assessment and Development

The success of any team is dependent on the ability of team members to hold each other accountable for the work they commit to do. BMCG consultants will assess the effectiveness of your team and help you move through the stages of team development that lead to high performance.  We will facilitate the development of “work” relationships and the interpersonal skills required in a team.  We will keep you focused on outcomes, help you work through conflicts, and help you understand the impact individual and team dynamics are having on the quality of your decisions and actions.  We will coach team leaders and when necessary will work one on one with team members.  At all times we will focus on helping you be partners in the achievement of great results.

Change Management

We continually here and it appears true that “change is continuous”, and “change is happening at a faster pace than ever before and is showing no signs of slowing down”.  At BMCG we do not think about change management solely in the context of individual projects or initiatives.  We must also address the fact that it is continuous. We will help you effectively manage change in any scenario by helping you embrace the hearts and minds of the people affected by the change.  Under any circumstance, successful change is made possible when people understand and are aware of the need for change and actually believe the change is needed.  With awareness and a belief that change is needed, we help design and facilitate opportunities for people to influence what will change and how it will happen. As a result, the commitment to change grows among the people who are responsible. We will not settle for consensus or compliance.  There are many great models for change management but at its core our role is to help a team or organization move from awareness to commitment, continually allowing for reflection and improvement.

Changing the Conversation

Underlying all of our work at BMCG is the assurance that our clients have great conversations.  One should expect in any organization that to achieve great outcomes one must have great conversations.  We cynically believe however that great conversations are rare in organizations and we suspect you will have some difficulty identifying two or three in the past 6 months. Try it!  We will help you have great conversations in numerous circumstances by ensuring people in a conversation are; connected, focused on possibilities, clear about their accountability for both the current state and future possibilities, leveraging the gifts/talents of others, able to say no or to share doubts, and willing to make a promise to do something that supports the group or the effort.