About BCMG

BMCG is a professional consulting practice focused on the development of businesses, not-for-profit organizations, communities and their leaders. BMCG designs development processes and structures that lead to desired and sustainable results and positively influence the meaningfulness of one's experience in organizations.  BMCG is committed to building an organization's capability to achieve results, manage change, execute plans, create sustainable high-performance environments, and effectively manage critical decisions and activities that accelerate the achievement of desired results.

As the President of BMCG, Barry Morris has made choices about his business and his associates that help define what they do and who they can help.  Some of these choices include:

  • A commitment to achieving sustainable results through people
  • A commitment to change management - to meeting the organization where it is and facilitating its development
  • Customized solutions that are equal to the challenge
  • A commitment to telling the truth and delighting in the discussion and creativity that follow
  • The utilization of data/information from multiple sources is used to ensure people are committed to the solutions chosen
  • A commitment to a process that leaves employees feeling that the work has been done with them rather than to them
  • At the end of a project employees own the solution and have the knowledge and skills to sustain their work